How to make donations? 

You can support both individual projects and the whole activity of MUSICA FLOREA civic association: 

1. Florea Theatrum project
An unique project of a transportable wooden stage based on the special construction technologies from high Baroque and Classic. It is worldwide utilisable not only for performance of theatre and music but also for exhibitions and educational programs for (especially) children and youth. Further information here.
2. Festival concert series Musica Florea  and  Bohemia 2014
Annual Festival series of concerts and performances of music and drama in Prague and other cultural centres of Czech Republic. Further information here.
3. Period musical instruments
Reconstruction of the original period instruments or building of their close copies. Some of them are of big value and out of reach (Baroque clarinets, Baroque and Romantic harp, and Romantic wooden instruments).
4. Projects of historical research and scientific activities
done by the musicologists and professional musicians of MUSICA FLOREA civic association.
The sponsors and patrons can become an individual or legal entity
Fan (contribution 100 - 4999 Kč)
An inscription of the name of supporter and high of contribution on Musica Florea website, in promotional materials and brochures (as to the wish).
Partner (contribution 5000 – 9999 Kč)
The inscription as above and two free tickets for every event organized by Musica Florea and the newest CD more.
Member of honour ( contribution 10000 Kč and more)
Who contributes more than 10 000 Kč can automatically became a member of honour of Musica Florea civic association and will be automatically invited to the annual gala meetings of  the ensemble. Naturally, a member of honour obtains all above mentioned advantages plus minimum four free tickets for every performance organized by Musica Florea.  Along with the amount of contribution and the individual needs of member, further details could be negotiated.
We offer the possibility to place a logo or advertising on our website and other promotional materials (project and program brochures, leaflets, posters, invitations and CDs) for companies, enterprises and tradesmen. The printed materials and CD´s are offered and presented during the concerts in Czech Republic and abroad. A placement of advertising (banner) or distribution of leaflets is possible by the occasion of cultural performance, too.
Also, the opportunity to obtain a status of a main or general sponsor is open.
Your contribution could be taken away from your taxable income.
A contribution could be provided by the bank transfer or by a deposit into the account No.  51-0089760267/0100, Komerční Banka, Prague.
To support a chosen (individual) project, include its name into the message for payee, please.
Contact us for more information:, tel. +420 608 263 968