Italians in Kromeriz

Italian Baroque music of the archbishop's residence

23. 4. 2017 19:30 Prague, The Protestant Church of St. Salvator (Holy Saviour)

Cast: Musica Florea orchestra, Collegium Floreum choir and soloists.

Conductor: Marek Štryncl

Price: 300/150 CZK (standard/reduced), tickets available before the concert at the Church.

A new project that The Musica Florea orchestra will present in April will not disappoint lovers of Baroque music. Under the leadership of Mark Štryncl, musicians once again delved into the study of archival material to familiarize the audience with rare compositions that are hidden in the Czech archives. In Musica Florea’s interpretation, they bring to life playful and melodious pieces, full of ornamentation and color of sound, that always surprise you with their vivacity and modernity.

The Music archive of Kromeriz chateau is extensive and has its own significant, unique collection of different kinds of music. There are pieces from 17th & 18th century composers, which are not preserved anywhere else, stored in this archive. Besides H.I.F. Biber and J.J. Ritler, you can also find here so-called “Italians in Kromeriz” (for example, P.Germani or F.G. Libertini).

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