PREMIERE : Muzio Scevola - baroque opera

First night: 2. 7. 2018 | 21:00 | Prague, Lichtenštejn Palace, Malostranské náměstí 13 (Small Town Square 13) 

Tickets: 500 / 250 CZK, orders via:

F. Amadei / G. Bononcini / G. F. Händel: Muzio Scevola

Musica Florea would like to invite you to the contemporary premiere of a baroque opera about the Roman hero Gaius Mucius Scaevola. This is a historically rare instance where three composers cooperated on a single opera. The third act was written by George Frideric Handel, the second by Giovanni Bononcini, and the first by Filippo Amadei. The third act can be performed independently, as purely a work by Handel. This opera has only been recorded as a low-quality and incomplete CD recording, and so Musica Florea has the opportunity to create the complete premiere recording of this work, which many knowledgeable musicologists have evaluated very positively. Both Handel and its two other composers wished to “show off” with the best they could produce. This is truly a unique opportunity — one that will be magnified by our performing the piece in the Florea Theatrum portable baroque theater. 



Thanks for help with translations to Berlitz Praha (www.berlitzpraha.czBerlitz Praha



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