Musica Florea and Hartig Ensemble: Les petites riens / Pantalone and Colombina 
Lively rococo on the unique stage of Florea Theatrum

May 29 | 9 PM | Summer Stage of HAMU - Prague 1, Malostranske namesti 13
Tiskets: 500 / 250 CZK, available before the start of the show | reservation on 

Besides dozens of scores to ballroom dances, such as the minuet, ländler and allemande (German dance), W. A. Mozart also composed ballet scores. They are not frequently played, but it is interesting to return to them and to stage them as a historically informed performance. Mozart’s Masquerade, also called Music to a Pantomime or Pantalone and Colombina, KV 446 was composed in 1783. Only the first-violin part still exists; the orchestration was made by Franz Bayer. Mozart’s ballet Les Petits Riens from 1778 (KV Anh.10 (299b) that he composed in Paris for the back-then famous choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre is more famous and more frequently performed. Czech theaters always put it on under the not-quite-accurate title “Little Things,” although a more accurate translation would be “Little Nothings.” It is a one-act ballet of three tableaux that are interconnected only via the pastoral motive that was so popular during the rococo period.


Musica Florea + In Cordis Ensemble + Chorea Historica:
Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense –
Prague Dionysian Phantasm

July 4 | 9 PM | Summer Stage of HAMU, Prague 1, Malostranske namesti 13
Tickets: 500 / 250 CZK, available before the start of the show | reservation on

This piece was performed at the PragueCastle on 5 February 1671. Its modern-day premiere will be an artistic display of how the Italian libretto has been arranged, the music selected and added (where missing), the authentic choreography achieved and the direction, staging and costumes adapted based on existing documentation.  

It is one of the last opera and ballet festivities of the Czech Estates prior to the Uprising of the Czech Estates. Therefore, it is quite a surprise to see there not only the famed antique wise men, such as Homer, Virgilio…, but also Libuše as the queen of Bohemia. The opera will be performed in Florea Theatrum. 

Thanks for translations to Berlitz Praha (www.berlitzpraha.czBerlitz Praha



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